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Wizeline Academy offers free courses that teach today’s most high-value skills in tech. We empower you with knowledge and the power to innovate.

Every Wizeline Academy course is taught by industry experts who are thought leaders and expert practitioners in their area of focus. All courses are composed of engaging lectures, class projects to apply new concepts, and peer collaboration to develop soft skills. 1-on-1 mentorship with experts also offers personalized learning and growth.

Our Courses

User Experience

Wizeline UX Academy is a multi-week course that will develop students into UX Designers via an education with a thorough foundation in UX principles and tools. Through a class project, students will learn by doing and apply the skills and tools needed to enable them to design great experiences

Technical Writing

Learn the principles of technical writing and editing from Wizeline’s expert technical writing team. The course provides a comprehensive overview of the technical writing principles and tools to prepare students for a technical writing role.

Artificial Intelligence

Learn the science and engineering of making intelligent machines through a variety of Artificial Intelligence courses. Students will learn the tasks involved in the day to day work of the AI professionals, with course topics such as Data Science, Chatbots, and Natural Language Processing.

Software Development

Get up to date with the latest programming languages, best practices, and skills during this hands-on learning experience. The courses include different topics such as Frontend development, Backend development, and DevOps. Industry experts will show how to use different technologies to build the best digital products.

Project Management

Learn the principles of Agile methodology, how to implement it at your company and how to transition from traditional project management to a more Agile approach. Students will learn the day to day work of the PjM professionals at a rapid growth company.

Course Types

Intensive Courses

Intensive Courses

Dive deep into a new area of focus with a multi-week intensive course. Students will have a mix of lectures and projects to learn about specific topics and apply them in the real world. After an intensive course, many students find the opportunity to pursue a new focus in their career based on their studies, such as User Experience or Data Science.

Crash Courses

Crash Courses

Learn and apply a new skillset such as building a chatbot or pedometer during a 2-4 crash course. Students will complete an in-class project to demonstrate their new abilities, and walk away ready to dive deeper into a particular field of study.



Workshops offer tech talks from industry experts with ready-to-use frameworks to try out immediately. 2-4 hours in length on a single night, Workshops teach a discrete skill or paradigm and offer students the opportunity to apply the framework to their existing jobs.

“Wizeline Academy offers students the opportunity to learn about User Experience, ChatBots, Artificial Intelligence, and other topics, in a pragmatic, applicable way from industry experts.”

Wendy Johansson

Vice President, Academy and User Experience

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Guest Lecturers

Guest Lecturers

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