UX Sessions [Querétaro]

About UX Sessions

Lean UX helps teams build the minimal product necessary to validate risky assumptions and minimize the time to market with the right product.

This Lean UX crash course will provide UX designers and other stakeholders in the product development process with the right tools and methods for getting feedback from users on a new product, and will get you ready to build, measure, and learn rapidly from your products.

Our first session will take place on Saturday, September 1, 2018.

Location: Querétaro.

September 1

Course Dates

Mexico City, MX


4 Hrs

Course Length

30 students

Onsite limited




Bryant Castro

Bryant Castro

UX Designer

Bryant Castro has worked for 4+ years within the digital space and has helped various high profile companies such as Netflix, Toll Brothers, Banco Azteca and several NPO’s, both in the U.S and México, achieve their needs. He was first exposed to the digital world while testing and designing e-commerces for fashion brands, including his own. He is currently working at Wizeline as a UX designer.

Javier Humarán

Javier Humarán

UX Designer

Javier comes from a software engineering background. Before turning into a full time UX Designer, he worked as a frontend & iOS Developer for two years and joined the Wizeline UX team after being part of the first generation of the UX Academy. Now he works on client projects for all kind of platforms, from chatbots and Alexa Skills to mobile and web applications. He loves facilitating UX workshops both internally at Wizeline, for clients, and for the community.



Short lectures

Short lectures by Wizeline’s UX Team and guest lecturers.


Online Resources

Acced to online resources for the in-depth understanding of each topic.


Projects & feedback

Apply the learnings in activities.


1:1 mentor sessions

Get feedback through mentorship 1:1s with the UX team.


09:30-10:00 AM


10:00 AM-2:00 PM

Course TBD

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