Building Co-Branded Visual Identities

Co-branding is everywhere and it is more than just putting two logos together. The challenges that you face as a designer are multiplied by two. You have two sets of brand guidelines, two sets of voices, and two sets of stakeholders.

Our guest speaker, Anh Dinh will go through the creative process to discover the nuances and thoughtfulness that is required at each step of co-branding, from project initiation to final sign off. She will also share real-life examples of co-branding projects. The main takeaways from this talk will include learning how to determine what the ask is in a co-branding project, the difference between rebranding and co-branding, and applying design fundamentals. This event is for anyone who wants to understand the creative thinking and branding strategy behind building a co-branded visual identity. It is for entrepreneurs, designers, brand managers, business owners or anyone who is simply curious about co-branding.

October 4

Course Dates

Guadalajara, MX


2 Hrs

Course Length

50 students

Onsite limited




Anh Dinh

Anh Dinh

Art Director at Whistle Labs in San Francisco

Anh earned her bachelor's in graphic communications management and a minor in marketing from Ryerson University. With almost a decade of design experience, she is currently an art director at Whistle Labs in San Francisco. She specializes in visual design and brand development within the consumer electronic and IoT space. In the past, she was a senior designer and art director at Eargo Inc., where she built the company’s brand personality and visual identity earning her a Gold Clio and DA&D pencil for product branding.


7:00-7:30 PM


7:30-8:30 PM

Building Co-Branded Visual Identities

8:30-8:50 PM


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