Design Session: Content Strategy for Product Design

‘Content is king’ is such a widespread cliché in tech, yet product teams today are far from giving content this stellar role. There is a ton of Content Strategy books and how-tos for the Web (for institutional websites and marketing blogs). But little has been said of making great content for the world of digital products, where many designers are immersed in nowadays.

This class is a great starting point for seasoned designers who want to integrate content strategy into their UX Toolkit, as well as for editors, journalists and writers who want to break into UX and don’t know where to start. This course will provide a vocabulary and conceptual framework to think of language as a core player in product design. It will also present practical activities and artifacts for the UX practitioner to incorporate this discipline into their everyday activities.

Prerequisites: A high-level, generic knowledge on the UX Process and/or Design Thinking methodologies is strongly encouraged before taking this course.

* The workshop will be delivered in Spanish.

Jan 30

Course Dates

Mexico City, MX


3 hours

Course Length

30 students

Onsite limited




Pilar Gómez

Pilar Gómez

UX Designer


6:30-7:00 PM




9:00-9:30 PM


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