About Engineering Leadership Certification

Many engineering managers have indicated that they didn’t receive sufficient training when they transitioned from being an engineer to a manager of engineers. What if you could design your teams as effectively as you could design your code? What might be possible?

This course aims to not only address the specific needs of new or aspiring managers of tech teams, but to organize a network of technical leaders in Mexico who can empathize with shared challenges and facilitate learning through peer coaching.


Participants should be new to management, current team leads, or aspiring to be a manager of engineers or other technical professionals.

April 14

Course Dates

Guadalajara, MX


1 Day

Course Length

30 students

Onsite limited




About: Engineering Leadership I is the first of a series of courses to help build a strong leadership and management practice for our technical community. By participating in this course you will learn the following: + How to effectively plan your transition from being an engineering individual contributor to managing engineers + Your own leadership strengths and development areas + Paradigms for giving and receiving feedback, as well as in-class exercises + Tools and practice for developmental coaching + The importance of team development and diagnosis + Share challenges with your peers and discover solutions through action learning methodology.

Future course dates and topics to be determined by the needs of the previous class

Future course dates and topics to be determined by the needs of the previous class
Future course dates and topics to be determined by the needs of the previous class
9:30 am - 1:30 pm

How to get certifiedUpon completion of this course and passing the final exam, you will receive an ITESM Engineering Leadership Certification.


Attend the four course modules


Complete the assigned exams


Get certified by ITESM

Who should apply


New to management


Current team leads


Sung Hae Kim

Sung Hae Kim

VP of People Operations

Sung Hae Kim is VP of People Operations for Wizeline and is committed to ensuring an employee experience that drives Wizeline’s mission and supports an amazing culture. Having nearly two decades of experience in organizational development, human resources, and brand management, she has also been in charge of global people operations for Pivotal Software and implemented innovative leadership development and employee engagement practices. Sung holds a doctoral degree in education, a master’s degree in industrial/organizational psychology, and a bachelor’s degree in psychology. She serves on the faculty of the University of California, Berkeley and has taught at Temple University Fox School of Business, National University of Singapore, The University of Hong Kong, and the George Washington University.

Héctor Padilla

Héctor Padilla

Senior Director of Engineering

Héctor Padilla is Wizeline’s Senior Director of Engineering. He has been in engineering leadership positions at gaming companies like Zynga in the Silicon Valley and the Netherlands before moving back to Guadalajara. Héctor brings 10+ years of engineering expertise to Wizeline’s technology organization and throughout his career, he’s enjoyed scaling engineering culture internationally and supporting the career growth of young software developers. Héctor holds a degree in computer systems engineering from Tec de Monterrey.

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