Microservices and the Cloud

There is a lot of confusion out there regarding what exactly microservices are, what technology you need, and how to get the best out of this type of architecture. It’s undeniable that organizations all over the world are moving to microservice architectures, and are championing the benefits they can bring, but they come in so many shapes and sizes it can be hard to find your own way to adopting this approach.

While using the cloud isn’t essential to adopting microservices, it certainly makes it much easier.

In this talk, Sam Newman will explore why it is that so many microservice success stories seem to be built on the cloud. We will also get to the heart of what makes microservices such a powerful idea, aiming to cut through some of the hype and zero in on the most important aspects of how you make microservices work for you.

October 25

Course Dates

Guadalajara, MX


2 Hours

Course Length

300 Spots

Onsite limited




6:30-7:30 PM


7:30-9:00 PM

Microservices and the Cloud Talk


Sam Newman

Sam Newman

Independet Technology Consultant, Author of Building Microservices

Sam Newman is an independent consultant specializing in helping people ship software fast. Sam has worked extensively with the cloud, continuous delivery, and microservices and is especially preoccupied with understanding how to more easily deploy working software into production. For the last few years, he has been focusing in the area of microservice architectures. He has worked with a variety of companies in multiple domains around the world, often with one foot in the developer world and another in the IT operations space. Previously, he spent over a decade at ThoughtWorks and then-then left to join a startup, before setting up his own company. Sam speaks frequently at conferences. He is the author of Building Microservices (O’Reilly).

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