React Talk: Apollo, GraphQL and beyond

REST APIs have been helping us to define the way we deliver the data. Although, times are changing, and new challenges come with it.

What if you could request just the fields that you need? Or even add new ones on top of the ones that you current API is delivering?

And what if this magic comes directly to the FrontEnd store, and all of your database entities reflects transparent in your cache, available to use it and to avoid requesting the same data over and over?

This magic is real. And it is called GraphQL, one of the most impressive technologies of the moment.

May 30

Course Dates

Mexico City, MX


2.5 hrs

Course Length

60 students

Onsite limited




Carlos Lopez

Carlos Lopez

Software Engineer

Carlos Lopez studied computer engineering at CUCEI, before jumping into the startup life. He has been a software engineer at Gbox and Ooyala, before joining Wizeline, where he focuses on frontend development, particularly web performance, and pixel-perfect UIs.


7:00-7:45 PM

Registration and Networking Session

7:45-9:30 PM

React Talk: Apollo, GraphQL and beyond

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