About Technical Writing Academy

The Wizeline Technical Writing Academy is a 4-week course to develop select students into technical writers. The course provides a comprehensive overview of the technical writing principles and tools to prepare them for a career in technical writing.

Students will have end-user documentation weekly assignments to gain exposure to advanced technology, learn by doing, and apply the skills and tools necessary to create impactful software documentation.

About Technical Writing Academy

Each week, the students get to

Attend short lectures

Attend short lectures by Wizeline’s leading Technical Writing Team and other guest lecturers.

Have access to online resources

Have access to online resources for in-depth understanding of weekly topics.

Have assignments that apply the weekly topic learnings

Have assignments that apply the weekly topic learnings and receive feedback and guidance by Wizeline’s Technical Writing Team.

Have access to weekly 1:1 mentor time

Have access to weekly 1:1 mentor time with Wizeline’s Technical Writing Team and other relevant mentors.

At the end of the Technical Writing Academy, 3 of the top students will have the opportunity to join the Wizeline Technical Writing Team for a full-time Technical Writing job in Guadalajara.


The next Technical Writing Academy program runs from February 27 - March 24, 2017.

More About Technical Writing Academy

Wizeline's Technical Writing Academy consists of evening lectures 2 days a week, for 4 weeks.

All classes are taught in English and onsite at the Wizeline Guadalajara offices. Students must attend lectures in person. We designed the classes to be small, so we can provide individual attention for each student.

Technical Writing Academy students may not miss lectures or assignment deadlines, or they will be disqualified.

Technical Writing Academy

The Technical Writing Academy Is Free, But Spots Are Limited

The Wizeline Technical Writing Academy program is free for you to attend. Wizeline does not pay you to attend the Technical Writing Academy.

All students who pass the academy will receive a Wizeline Technical Writing Academy Certification and exposure to the network of technical writers.

Technical Writing Academy


Classes start promptly from 7:30 - 9:30 pm on Monday and Tuesday.

Week 1

Introduction to Technical Writing

Learn about about the basics of technical writing, including what it is, its history, and the necessary skills needed to be successful in the role. We will also review a few types of documentation a software technical writer produces.

Week 2

The Technical Writing Process

The technical writing process starts long before you start to type. We will review the five main steps to creating a technical document, and recommend best practices for each step.

Week 3

Technical Writing is not independent work

Technical Writing is not independent work. Learn about how to communicate and collaborate across departments, and with external clients.

Week 4

Documentation Tools and Final Project

There are a variety of tools technical writers use depending on the need of the project. We will review the most popular ones. Also, in your final week you will present your new technical writing skills back to your peers and teachers via your final documentation project.


Ale Páez

Ale Páez

Ale specializes in client communications and has 6+ years of technical writing experience. She was the first technical writer to join Wizeline, where she has created over 200 pieces of client documentation. She graduated from ITESM with an Information Systems Management degree, and also has a certification in Storytelling and Content Strategy from the University of Washington in Seattle.

Berenice Beltrán

Berenice Beltrán

Bere worked as a web support engineer for 6+ years, which taught her the importance of written communication. The need for effective communication with clients and within the company pushed her towards perfecting her writing skills by becoming a technical writer at Wizeline. Bere graduated from ITESM as an Information Technology Engineer.

Leticia Vargas

Leticia Vargas

Leticia holds a PhD in combinatorial optimization from the Université de Toulouse, France, and has 6+ years experience as a design and support engineer at HP and Banamex. She has published 3 scientific papers in world-class journals and continues to write and publish. Leticia has also worked as a professor for more than 10 years.

Loni Coelho

Loni Coelho

Loni has worked in Silicon Valley her entire career at both large companies like Yelp as well as early stage startups. She graduated from University of California Davis with a Bachelors of Science and a minor in professional writing. She has created numerous technical and business documents for Wizeline, and will act as the technical writer in Wizeline’s Vietnam office starting in March.

Students Who Apply

Apply to the Technical Writing Academy program if you want to start a career in technical writing and learn from the top technical writing team in Mexico! Wizeline only accepts 8 students. The available resources will be in English.

Developers icon


Always had a passion for writing, and proficient in developing code? Wizeline's Technical Writing Academy is a welcoming environment for developers to learn and apply user-focused principles in creating documentation that drives real value.

Technical Support Engineers icon

Technical Support Engineers

Are you you currently working in IT, and interested in learning the principles of technical writing and expanding your career? Come apply your skills and learn to create user-oriented documentation with Wizeline's Technical Writing Academy.

New Graduates icon

New Graduates

A new graduate with a computer science, information technologies, or information systems management university degree. If you don’t have one of these degrees, we also encourage students to apply who have a passion for and experience with both writing and IT. Wizeline's Technical Writing Academy is the perfect opportunity to develop advanced software technical writing skills and apply them to your new career.


  • Professional English proficiency
  • College degree or higher
  • Experience writing in English
  • Knowledge of and experience with software development

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