Objection Handling: Decision Making for Designers

As designers, overcoming conflict and getting shared understanding through communication and leadership skills are becoming more and more important. Objection handling is a great simulation exercise that train teams to have healthy discussions with stakeholders and team members in a safe environment.

Through a series of challenging scenarios, Objection Handling participants will be able to share solutions as of how to solve the problems presented, which next steps they would take, as well as finishing the session with a recap of the best practices to consider for further situations.

December 12

Course Dates

Guadalajara, MX


2 Hrs

Course Length

30 students

Onsite limited




Aditi Ruiz

Aditi Ruiz

UX Designer at Wizeline

Aditi has a background in Industrial Design and studied an MA in Product Design and Management at Hochschule Luzern. She has been a speaker and lecturer for the Swiss Design Network, the Design History Society, and Dutch Design Week. She was part of the first UX Academy and joined Wizeline as a UX Designer more than a year ago. She enjoys taking part in creative processes and speculating about the future of the human experience in digital spaces.


Isaac Valadez

Isaac Valadez

UX Designer at Wizeline

Isaac is a UX Designer with a Masters in Human-Computer Interaction. He has been speaker and mentor on the past UX Academies and joined Wizeline 1 year ago. He loves User Research and Usability Testing and has over 7 years working with local and international clients and multidisciplinary teams.

Javier Humaran

Javier Humaran

UX Designer at Wizeline

Javier comes from a software engineering background. Before turning into a full-time UX Designer, he worked as a frontend & iOS Developer for two years and joined the Wizeline UX team after being part of the first generation of the UX Academy. Now he works on client projects for all kind of platforms, from chatbots and Alexa Skills to mobile and web applications. He loves facilitating UX workshops both internally at Wizeline, for clients, and for the community.


6:45-7:00 PM


7:00-7:10 PM


7:10-7:30 PM


7:30-7:45 PM

Objection Handling - An Overview

7:45-8:10 PM

First Session

8:10-8:20 PM


8:20-8:45 PM

Second Session

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