UX Sessions: Strategic Design



We are seen as product solvers, we barely have a seat between decision makers because we are either working on requests and taking decisions or because we don’t really understand the true nature of a problem.

Strategic Design is a tool for collaboration across departments and disciplines in which we might be able to offer business outcomes and valuable solutions for an even greater end-user.

March 21

Course Dates

Guadalajara, MX


3 Hours

Course Length

50 people

Onsite limited




Kassim Vera

Kassim Vera

Emerge MX/Antefuturo

Industrial Designer from ‘Universidad de Guadalajara’ who leads Emerge since 3 years ago: a publication specialized in critical design with 1,800 copies sold quarterly around the world in some of the best libraries and design/art universities in which he has been a speaker, such as the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design and Betahaus Berlin. He teaches Experience and Strategic Design at ‘Tec de Monterrey’.

Joshua Allen

Joshua Allen

Co-Founder / Antefuturo

Industrial Designer from ‘Universidad de Guadalajara’ and Professional Mechanical Designer from Dassault Systèmes. Previously, he has worked as product and interior designer with a deep interest in manufacturing processes and project management. He founded Antefuturo a year ago in collaboration with some awesome individuals; they design products/services together by the hand of strategic design and user research.

Christopher Nguyen

Christopher Nguyen

UX Lead at Wizeline

Christopher obtained his B.A. in Business Studies at University of Surrey, UK. Being a part of Misfit and TINYpulse reinforced his love for startup culture. Christopher is currently a UX Lead at Wizeline leading design for client projects. His passion lies in building a better team culture through experiments.


7:00-7:30 PM

Registration & Beer

7:30-8:40 PM

Talk by Antefuturo and Wizeline

8:40-9:00 PM

Pannel and Q&A

9:00-10:00 PM

Networking + Pizza and beer

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