UX Sessions: Beyond the Framework

In the last decade, design thinking workshops have become a fundamental step to find new ideas and meet the innovation requirements currently faced by companies.

Those last 2 years, methodologies like Google Venture’s Design Sprint and AJ&Smart’s Lightning Decision Jam got more and more adopters.

But frameworks are frameworks. At Wizeline, we build our own methodologies and workshops, based on those frameworks.

This UX Session will provide UX/product designers with the right tools and methods for building your own methodology, and will get you ready to define the problem to tackle, ideate, and decide for your feature, product, or service.

At the end of this session, you will know how to adapt well-known frameworks into your daily work and personal projects.

Feb 24

Course Dates

Mexico City, MX


6 hrs

Course Length

50 students

Onsite limited




Aditi Ruiz

Aditi Ruiz

UX Designer

Aditi has a background in Industrial Design and studied an MA in Product Design and Management at Hochschule Luzern. She has been a speaker and lecturer for the Swiss Design Network, the Design History Society, and Dutch Design Week. She was part of the first UX Academy and joined Wizeline as a UX Designer more than a year ago. She enjoys taking part in creative processes and speculating about the future of the human experience in digital spaces.

Rebeka Rubio

Rebeka Rubio

UX Designer,

Rebeka has a background in Industrial Design and worked previously as a Web Designer before becoming a UX Designer in Pricetravel, and now Wizeline. Having overall 5 years of experience, Rebeka focuses on doing end-to-end UX with clients like Dell, WSJ, and Shape Security. She enjoys talking with users and sharing her passion about UX Design with other people.

Florian Lissot

Florian Lissot

UX Designer

Florian worked for 4+ years as a Business Intelligence engineer in France and Asia. After graduating from the first UX Academy, he joined the Wizeline UX Team to work on client projects and the Roadmap product. He enjoys trying new promising methodologies and ideating with other Wizeliners.


9:30-10:00 AM

Registration & Breakfast

10:00-1:00 AM


1:00-1:45 PM


1:45-5:00 PM


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