Academy Courses

Artificial Intelligence

2 Day Crash Course

Introduction to Data Science Crash Course

Mexico City, Mexico

Learn all the tasks involved in the day-to-day work of a Data Scientist, using a simple but significant project throughout the course. The topics of Exploratory Data Analysis and Machine Learning are explored in cursory detail to provide motivation for the courses to follow.

2 Day Crash Course

Bots Crash Course

To Be Determined

What is a bot? Why does everyone want one? How do they work? How fast can I build one? Join the hype and get answer to all of these questions in this course. We will teach you how to build your own chatbot from scratch using regular programming languages.

Technical Writing

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February 27 - March 24, 2017

Technical Writing Academy

Guadalajara, México

Wizeline Technical Writing Academy is a 4-week course to develop select students into technical writers. The course provides a comprehensive overview of the technical writing principles and tools to prepare them for a career in technical writing.

User Experience

Intensive Multi-Week Course

User Experience Academy

To Be Determined

Wizeline UX Academy is a 6 week course that will develop select students into UX Designers via an education with a thorough foundation in UX principles and tools.

“Wizeline Academy offers students the opportunity to learn about User Experience, ChatBots, Artificial Intelligence, and other topics, in a pragmatic, applicable way from industry experts.”

Wendy Johansson

Sr. Director of Product, UX and Academy

What our students are saying

Florian Lissot

UX Designer

“I learned about parts of user experience journey that I didn’t understand before, so now I really know what mistakes I can avoid and what steps I shouldn’t miss.”

Hugo Ramirez

Web Developer

“Attending both UX Academy and Bots Crash Course helped me broaden my horizons and focus on learning new skills in design thinking that helped me become a better developer.”

Aditi Ruiz

UX Designer

“UX Academy was a fun environment and it seemed like we were just learning about UX design and hanging out with friends.”