Fostering diversity and inclusion in STEM

In 2020, Wizeline Academy launched a new initiative in partnership with Wizeline's Diversity & Inclusion office to expand our educational offerings for women in our communities with the goal of encouraging them to participate, excel, and lead in the tech sector.

Today, we provide women in tech with the opportunity to connect with other women in the industry, be inspired, support each other’s professional growth, and take action through the free internal and community programs detailed below.

Women in Leadership Certification

The Women in Leadership Certification was created as an in-house initiative for the women of Wizeline. Because of the significant impact it had, it is now offered to the external community as well.

This free certification is intended to create a safe environment where women in the tech industry can develop their skills, recognize their strengths, and unlock their true potential. The topics presented in the program are designed to help you overcome gender barriers and grow as a leader within your career, field, and organization.

This program is for you if you want to break through the glass ceiling, gain confidence in your unique abilities, and develop self-leadership skills to help you navigate the challenges women face at different stages of their careers. By participating in this program, you’ll walk away with a set of tools and a network of like-minded female peers striving for gender balance.

I am Remarkable Workshops

Many of us struggle when it comes to talking about our accomplishments. Cultural and gender norms and impostor syndrome can prevent us from acknowledging our remarkable attributes and sharing our achievements. To help combat this, Wizeline Academy is proud to host #IamRemarkable workshops for both our internal team and external community.

#IamRemarkable is a Google initiative empowering women to celebrate their achievements in the workplace and beyond, thereby breaking norms and shattering the glass ceiling. Our Wizeline Academy team is equipped with trained #IamRemarkable facilitators who lead this workshop regularly.

This #IamRemarkable workshop is designed for women in the tech industry, particularly engineers, with 2+ years of experience in the field. During the 90-minute workshop, women learn the importance of self-promotion in their personal and professional lives and are provided with tools to develop this skill. Participants are also invited to challenge social perceptions around self-promotion.

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