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Our free, intensive bootcamps are designed to prepare the next generation of tech talent in some of the most in-demand tech skills for diverse disciplines and programming languages.


Site Reliability Engineering

Develop specialized solutions to specific business cases and learn how to implement new technologies on current systems.

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Explore architecture design, data analysis, implementation plans, and best practices for projects involving terabytes of data.

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Mobile Engineering

Get equipped with the tools necessary to bring advanced applications for mobile app frameworks to life. Both Android and iOS programs are available.

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User Experience & Design

Accelerate your career path in UX design while exploring multidisciplinary collaboration, empathizing with diverse audiences, and employing agile and lean methodologies.

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Flexible Schedule

Our bootcamps are designed with the working professional in mind. With part-time schedules and flexible structuring, you can join a Wizeline Academy bootcamp without having to interrupt any part of your life.


The benefits for our bootcamp participants stretch far beyond program end. With thousands of  alumni connected in our network, you will gain lifetime access to a community of like-minded professionals in your field.

Career Growth

45% of our alumni report receiving new career opportunities due to the successful completion of our bootcamp programs. Whether you have your sights set on a promotion or a new job offer, our bootcamps and the included counseling from Wizeline mentors can help you get there.

How It Works

Powered by our team of over 2,000 engineers operating at the top of their field, Wizeline Academy is uniquely positioned to offer programs in specific technical skills to the community for free. Our in-house subject matter experts — the people behind the bootcamps — are passionate about the industry, on the pulse of innovation, and committed to their community. 

Our team analyzes market and industry trends, designing bootcamps to bring the most in-demand skills to you.
Select a bootcamp that best suits your career path, or join the waitlist to be invited to register for the upcoming iteration.
Register and complete the readiness assessments to be considered for a limited spot.
If you are selected, you will receive a welcome letter and the syllabus. If you are not selected, we are happy to provide feedback on why. We want to help you get ready for the next one!
Complete the self-learning journey, join the workshops, connect with your mentor, and complete the final capstone project.
Get your certificate of completion, show your growth, and level up your career. Successful alumni may be considered for employment at Wizeline.
Stay in touch through our Slack community! Even after bootcamp completion, you will remain connected with our alumni network of over 25,000 fellow engineers and our Wizeline team.

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Paulina Montoya

Paulina Montoya

QA Software Engineer at Wizeline

QA Bootcamp Alumna

The QA Bootcamp helped me transition from manual testing to automation. It allowed me to improve my coding skills with the support of mentors. This program is perfect for anyone looking to learn the best practices and to be able to apply this knowledge in a project.

José Vaca

José Vaca

React Software Engineer at Wizeline

React Bootcamp Alumnus

The React Bootcamp was so amazing. Not only did it teach me new technical skills; it taught me how to learn independently, identify a problem, and find several ways of solving it. It was challenging, but the great mentors were always ready to help. I'm a React Engineer at Wizeline now because I joined this bootcamp!

Fer Peruyero

Fer Peruyero

Software QA Engineer at Wizeline

QA Bootcamp Alumna

Being part of the QA Bootcamp has been one of the best experiences of my career thus far. Not only did the bootcamp allow me to learn more about the field in a short period; it also helped boost my confidence in my skills and how I perform my work. I highly recommend this bootcamp to everyone; if you have the chance to join, please do so. You won’t regret it.

Gustavo García

Gustavo García

Software Engineer at Wizeline

React Bootcamp Alumnus

Being a part of the React Bootcamp helped me build a solid knowledge of React. I learned and put into practice the latest concepts around this in-demand technology. The great mentoring and feedback from Wizeline instructors were both important to me and helped me finish the bootcamp successfully. I totally recommend this program to anyone who wants to be challenged, get out of their comfort zone, and gain access to better salary job offers.

Elias Segundo Antonio

Elias Segundo Antonio

Site Reliability Engineer at Wizeline

SRE Bootcamp Alumnus

Being a part of the SRE Bootcamp was a life-changing experience for me. The program was so well structured that I was able to get familiar with many new concepts quickly, while also obtaining hands-on experience working with infrastructure and applying the best practices.

Emmanuel Alejandro Barranco

Emmanuel Alejandro Barranco

Android Software Engineer at Wizeline

Android Bootcamp Alumnus

The Android Bootcamp helped me make a jump in my professional career. With guidance from very talented mentors, I gained a better understanding of the tools, practices, and skills required to be a great software engineer. This knowledge has helped me make high-quality applications every day in my current job.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is an Academy bootcamp?

    It is a free learning program that teaches today’s most valuable and in-demand technical skills through hands-on experience and mentorship.

  • What is involved in a bootcamp?

    Throughout the program, you will be able to access 1:1 meetings with your mentor, gain experience through real-life challenges, and attend live workshops and study sessions led by Wizeliners.

  • What are the requirements?

    A personal computer with a working internet connection. Please refer to the specific bootcamp course description for technical requirements, as these will vary depending on the level and field.

  • Do I need previous background experience?

    Depending on the bootcamp level and field, experience in the discipline may be recommended. We want to ensure the program you are applying for is the right one for you!

  • Is there a limited number of students per bootcamp?

    Yes. Each bootcamp we host has a limited number of spots available to provide a personalized experience for each student.

  • Is there a selection process?

    Yes. You will need to complete the readiness assessment associated with the bootcamp of your choice. Students who demonstrate the base knowledge needed to succeed in the bootcamp will be selected to participate. All participants will be notified via email about their application status.

  • What happens after I finish a bootcamp?

    At the end of each bootcamp, you will need to submit a capstone project that our subject matter experts will evaluate. If you meet all the requisites, you will be awarded a Wizeline Academy certificate of completion.

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