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Equipping you with today’s most in-demand tech skills to create opportunities for tomorrow

At Wizeline, we believe in the power of education to change someone’s life. That's why Wizeline Academy is committed to providing free, high-quality education to train and develop top engineers. In doing so, we aim to open the door to better economic opportunities for our students while simultaneously closing the tech talent gap.

We offer various free technical bootcamps designed to prepare the next generation of software engineers in some of the most in-demand tech disciplines.

These intensive training programs are designed to support students in upskilling and reskilling by teaching them new skills in the software engineering field and providing the tools and training to help them shift their careers from one tech discipline to another.

In these bootcamps, students get hands-on experience and 1:1 mentorship from Wizeline experts. Participants have the opportunity to learn best practices in the industry while gaining valuable experience with real-world challenges and scenarios.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is an Academy bootcamp?
It is a free learning program that teaches today’s most valuable and in-demand technical skills through hands-on experience and mentorship.

2. What is involved in a bootcamp?
Throughout the course, you will be able to access 1:1 meetings with your mentor, gain experience with real-life challenges, and attend live workshops and study sessions led by Wizeliners.

3. What are the requirements?
A personal computer with a working internet connection. Please refer to the specific bootcamp course description for technical requirements, as these will vary depending on the level and field.

4. Do I need previous background experience?
No. Depending on the bootcamp level and field, experience in the discipline may be recommended but not required. We want to help you boost your career in tech!

5. Is there a limited number of students per bootcamp?
Yes. Each bootcamp we host has a limited number of spots available to provide a personalized experience for each student.

6. Is there a selection process?
Yes. You will need to complete the challenge associated with the bootcamp of your choice. Students will be selected based on their performance on the challenge. All participants will be notified via email about their application status.

7. What happens after I finish a bootcamp?
At the end of your chosen bootcamp, you will need to submit a capstone project that our subject matter experts will evaluate. If you meet all the requisites, you will be awarded a Wizeline Academy diploma.

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