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Our free AI Academy programs offer short and specialized learning experiences for those who want to develop state-of-the-art AI knowledge for immediate integration into their professional careers.

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AI Academy Programs

LangChain Essentials Sprint

An immersive and comprehensive course designed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to create cutting-edge generative AI applications using the powerful LangChain framework.

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ChatGPT Knowledge Base Sprint

ChatGPT has taken the world by storm - learn how to harness its power and tailor it to your needs! This sprint explores building custom knowledge bases with ChatGPT, allowing you to unlock infinite possibilities for custom innovation.

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AWS Generative AI Tools Sprint

As the intersection of AI and cloud computing becomes increasingly critical for innovation, this sprint will equip you with insider knowledge on how to build and scale generative AI applications with AWS tools and services, allowing you to innovate faster with new capabilities.

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Machine Learning Operations Bootcamp

The Machine Learning Operations Bootcamp aims to create a collaborative culture and acquire new skills among professionals from the development and data teams, allowing them to work together to implement machine learning models in real-world production environments seamlessly.

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Why AI Academy?

Why AI Academy?


of companies are either using or exploring using AI in their business.

* IBM Global AI Adoption Index 2022

As industries across the board integrate artificial intelligence into their operations, the ability to design, develop, and deploy AI-driven solutions has become a critical skillset.


By taking part in AI Academy, you’re positioning yourself to harness the immense potential of this transformative field.


Don’t miss this opportunity to stay ahead of the curve.

Our Benefits

Fast & Efficient

Our programs offer a fast and efficient way to learn. Experience accelerated knowledge acquisition and achieve your AI aspirations in no time.

Career Advantage

Our programs equip you with practical knowledge and hands-on experience that you can apply to your daily activities immediately to boost your professional growth.

Access to Experts

AI Academy programs are developed and led by Wizeline’s industry experts. Gain invaluable insights, insider tips, and personalized support to launch your growth in the AI space.

Taught by our AI leaders and innovators.

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Hayde Martinez

Hayde Martinez

Head of AI and Data Technology Program Lead, Wizeline

Currently leading a team of 100+ data engineers, data scientists, and data analysts, Hayde brings 13+ years of experience in the tech industry coupled with a graduate degree in Artificial Intelligence. One of her goals is to ensure Data Science reaches every corner of the world.

Matt Farmer

Matt Farmer

Technology Specialist, Wizeline

Matt is a Technology Director at Wizeline with over 15 years of experience leading teams. He is excited by architecting solutions that are are able to evolve with the breakneck speed at which the AI landscape is progressing.

Marco Mendoza

Marco Mendoza

Data Scientist, Wizeline

Marco, a Data Scientist at Wizeline, boasts 5 years of experience. He leads the technical research and development team, leveraging his expertise to propel AI advancements and foster innovation in fields such as NLP, LLMs, and generative AI.

Santiago (Santi) Morillo Segovia

Santiago (Santi) Morillo Segovia

Senior Software Engineer, Wizeline

Santi is an experienced software developer with 5+ years in backend development. Passionate about everything that revolves around data and AI, he’s worked in e-commerce, renewable energy, and more, delivering innovative solutions and tangible business outcomes.

Joaquin Bravo

Joaquin Bravo

Innovation Lead, Wizeline

Joaquin is a software engineer with over 15 years of experience, and an active user and contributor of open and free software. He is keen on the prospect of leveraging AI to improve learning, collaboration, and creative processes.

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