LangChain Sprint

LangChain Sprint

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As a part of Wizeline Academy's new Generative AI program, the LangChain Sprint is an immersive and comprehensive course designed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to create cutting-edge generative AI applications using the powerful LangChain framework.

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LangChain Essentials Sprint

2 weeks


Whether participants aspire to create engaging chatbots, generate realistic text, or pioneer advancements in natural language processing, this program will empower them to turn their ideas into reality and explore the world of AI.

Upon completion of this sprint, participants will possess a comprehensive understanding of generative AI principles, hands-on experience with the LangChain framework, and a functioning generative AI application to add to their portfolio.




Software development experience and proficiency in Javascript or Python required.


Personal Computer Personal Computer

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What’s Involved



Theory-based learning from Wizeline experts.

Live Workshops

Live Workshops

See firsthand how practical skills are put into action.



Personalized support to ensure your success.

Capstone project

Capstone project

Apply all you’ve learned in a project designed to demonstrate your growth.



Access our Wizeline Academy Slack channel, where you can connect with our alumni and Wizeline community.

A Day in a Wizeline Academy Sprint

The sprint education model is a focused and intensive learning approach designed to help individuals acquire specific skills and knowledge within a short period, drawing inspiration from the concept of a sprint in agile project management, where a team works intensively on a project for a fixed duration to achieve specific goals.

This sprint is two weeks long and consists of lectures, workshops, mentoring sessions, and hands-on project work. Participating in this program will require around 6 hours for scheduled classes and 6+ flexible hours for project work, designed to accommodate you, your work, your time management, and your life. Here's an example of a typical schedule:

7:00 AM
Focus time: apply what you've learned to make headway on your capstone project
9:00 AM
Go to work.
5:00 PM
Commute home.
6:00 PM
Join the workshop session on Zoom.
7:00 PM
Send a Slack message to the mentorship channel to get support on a pending question.

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