Advanced Kubernetes Workshop

About This Program

Kubernetes is a modern tool used by the largest enterprises in a wide range of industries that allows you to get the maximum utility from containers and build cloud-native applications that can run anywhere, no matter what cloud provider is used.

Join us and learn how to use Kubernetes with more complex configurations and deploy applications using some other tools that provide powerful features.


The prior knowledge required is being familiar with Kubernetes and, preferably, to have taken the Introduction to Kubernetes online workshop.


Daniel Cortés

Site Reliability Engineer

Daniel got his B.D. in Systems Engineering and Information Technologies at Universidad Anáhuac México Norte. He has helped to implement automation practices and DevOps culture. He is currently a Site Reliability Engineer at Wizeline, focusing on client-side projects, cloud adoption, and enabling high-performance teams.

Salvador Cruz

Cloud Operations Engineer

Salvador has experience with Data Engineering and DevOps. What he loves about his job is automating as much as possible, and also likes participating in projects related with Big Data. A great challenge for him has been to combine these two skills and put in practice DataOps.


Jul 18
Online Workshop Schedule
10:00 - 12:30
What are Volumes in Kubernetes?
Types of Health Checks
What is the Resource Management?
What is a Daemon set for?
What is a Job?
When to run a Job?
What are the ConfigMaps and Secrets?
What is Ingress in Kubernetes?
Hands-on exercise applying all covered topics

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