AI Academy Webinar: Upskilling for Tomorrow

About This Program

In IBM's 2023 report on augmented work, they note that 1.4 billion workers will have to reskill for AI in the next 3 years. The time to learn is now!

Join Aníbal Abarca, Wizeline's CTO, and Hayde Martínez, Wizeline's Head of AI, as we delve into the criticality of acquiring AI skills and knowledge to position yourself at the forefront of innovation.


This webinar covers the following:

  • AI's Unstoppable March: Gain a comprehensive understanding of AI's relentless advance and its far-reaching influence on industries, economies, and society.
  • AI Reskilling Essentials: Discover the criticality of reskilling in AI for tech professionals to harness opportunities in the AI-driven ecosystem.
  • Future Tech Landscape: Dive into the exciting world of possibilities that AI brings, and learn how tech professionals can capitalize on its potential to drive innovation.

Who should take this course?

Whether you're a seasoned professional or an aspiring tech enthusiast, this webinar offers advice for thriving in an AI-driven world. Gain a competitive edge by understanding the imperative of reskilling in AI.


Aníbal Abarca

CTO, Wizeline

Aníbal Abarca is CTO at Wizeline, where he has expanded the team and created vital focus areas in emerging technologies like cloud, security, and data management. He revamped the way Wizeline partners with its clients, focusing on collaboration with clients early in the product development process. Aníbal is focused on establishing Wizeline as a thought leader in product management, security, DevOps, data, and AI, and he manages the development of several new products for clients and partners.

Hayde Martínez

Head of AI, Wizeline

Hayde is the Head of AI and the Data Technology Program at Wizeline, where she leads a team of 100+ data engineers, data scientists, and data analysts. She has 12+ years of experience in the tech industry, with more than seven years focused on Data and Machine Learning. She is the founder of "De Cero a Ciencia de Datos," an education initiative that aims to increase the number of engineering professionals focused on Data Science in Mexico. One of her goals is to ensure Data Science reaches every corner of the world. She advocates for inclusion in the tech industry and firmly believes a better world can be created through technology.

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