Beyond Remote Collaboration

About This Program

This talk discusses the principles of collaboration, what makes it possible, and everything that surrounds it, including tools, resources, and good practices to keep us efficient and productive when physical interaction is not an option.

Led by Wizeline's Design Team, the speakers share tips from personal experiences to help make collaboration smooth and enjoyable for you and your team.

Who should take this course?

This talk is targeted at the field of design, but is suitable for anyone looking to improve their collaboration skills.


Clara Azarel Balderas Gómez

Associate Design Director at Frog (Previously at Wizeline)

Clara has 10+ years of experience working on the ideation, design, and development of digital products for all-sizes companies.

Coming from an engineering background, Clara enjoys finding patterns and connecting ideas, thinking strategically about design & implementation, and crafting her own techniques and methodologies in order to help her teams achieve their goals.

Raúl Chávez Estrada

Senior UX Manager at Jellyfish (Previously at Wizeline)

A product-oriented strategist, Raúl has experience in design and implementation of projects at international and local level in Chile, Mexico and Latin America.

In addition to UX, their career has spanned marketing, project management and teaching.

Julio Palomino

UX Designer at Wizeline

With a degree in Interactive Design and 11 years of UX design experience, Julio has built expertise in Mobile & Web design, User Research, Customer Journey Mapping & Task Analysis, Personas & Scenarios, Information Architecture, Wireframing, Interaction Design, and Usability Testing.

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