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In today's rapidly evolving tech landscape, engineers must adapt and embrace AI-driven solutions to remain competitive.

This learning sprint is designed to empower Python developers to do just that, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to leverage the ChatGPT API to build innovative applications.

Upon completing this course, you'll be prepared to solve real-world engineering problems with generative AI solutions and embrace the future of AI in your field.


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Learning Outcomes

Who should take this course?

This course is designed for seasoned developers looking to gain practical skills for building with generative AI. To succeed in this course, the following are required: 

  • Advanced Python coding abilities
  • Basic GIT knowledge
  • Basic knowledge in API data extraction
  • English proficiency

If this sounds like you, we'd like to invite you to join us on this exciting journey to harness the capabilities of ChatGPT and revolutionize engineering with AI. Enroll today and be at the forefront of innovation in your industry!






Python Installed

Python Installed


Marco Mendoza

Data Scientist, Wizeline

Marco Mendoza is a seasoned Physicist with dual master's degrees in Advanced Statistical Physics and Data Science. With over half a decade of robust experience, Marco Mendoza stands at the intersection of scientific discovery and modern technology. Currently, he leads the Data & AI research and development team at Wizeline. His expertise lies in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and providing solutions to clients using Large Language Models (LLMs), always looking for ways to harness the power of data and mathematical concepts, transforming raw information into actionable insights.

Aldo Ramirez

Data Scientist, Wizeline

Aldo Ramirez is currently part of the AI Research and Development team at Wizeline, and holds a MSc degree in computational logic and a PhD in logic-based AI. Throughout his career in research, he has mostly focused on explainable AI, responsible AI, knowledge representation, multi-agent systems, and deep learning. Such interests are framed within a perspective of philosophy of technology, which includes proper background in game theory, decision theory, logic, applied mathematics, statistical analysis, and ethics. His current interests concern the ethical and responsible implementation of AI in the industry.

Hayde Martinez

Head of AI and Data, Wizeline

Hayde Martinez leads a team of 100+ data engineers, data scientists, data analysts and business analysts at Wizeline. She has 14+ years of experience in the tech industry, with more than seven years focused on Data and Machine Learning. She advocates for inclusion in the tech industry and strongly believes a better world can be created through technology. She is pursuing a Master's in Data Science, has a graduate degree in Artificial Intelligence from the Kanazawa Institute of Technology in Japan and in 2023 she won the "AI in Industry Award - AI Innovator of the year" by Women in AI North America.

Cristian Zapata

Data Scientist, Wizeline

Cristian Zapata is a data scientist with experience in control engineering and a Ph.D. in control. With expertise in retail e-commerce and insurance, he has applied his knowledge to optimize business strategies and develop predictive models. At Wizeline, he specializes in developing generative artificial intelligence solutions and machine learning for the beverage industry. His unique combination of engineering, teaching, and data science skills, coupled with his Ph.D. in control, sets him apart as a versatile and successful professional in the technology industry.

Geovanni Velazquez Medina

Data Scientist, Wizeline

Geovanni Velazquez, a seasoned biomedical engineer, boasts three years of experience as a data scientist. His specializations include natural language processing and time series analysis. Presently, Geovanni works as a Data Scientist on the research and development team at Wizeline, where he partners with his colleagues to create cutting-edge solutions using Generative AI technology. His skills and vast knowledge greatly impact the progress of data science, ultimately leading to transformative results through the use of smart systems and informed analysis.

Paco Morales

Data Scientist, Wizeline

Paco is a Data Scientist with a strong academic foundation in Physics and Artificial Intelligence. His expertise spans various domains of Machine Learning, enabling him to effectively translate complex problems into data-driven models. He specializes in Parallel Computing, Graph Theory, and Evolutionary Computation, where his skills and knowledge are consistently applied to deliver insightful solutions.


Nov 27
Meet your peers + introduction to sprint format and expectations.
Nov 30
Working Session
Kick-start your capstone project under the guidance of mentorship.
Dec 07
Working Session
Bring your newly-acquired knowledge to life with practical applications.
Dec 13
Capstone project review + final sprint take aways.

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