Clean Code Workshop

About This Program

Writing code is more than just giving instructions to a computer. It is also a way to communicate with your peers or your future self.

Carelessly written code is expensive, it costs a lot of time and effort to maintain. Also, the code is more prone to bugs and errors that can cause a product to fail.

After taking this course, you will be more aware of bad practices and techniques to automate and improve the quality of your and your teammate’s code. The concrete code examples we will be using are written in JavaScript but the principles apply to any coding language you currently use.

This class is for anyone, teams or solo freelancers, who are willing to get better at writing maintainable code.


Eder Diaz

Senior Software Engineer

Eder is a Software Engineer specialized in Web and Frontend technologies. He is passionate about developing engaging user experiences and has been working for more than 11 years at companies like and Grupo W. Currently, he is working at Wizeline creating the frontend of an international news site. Also, he's a member of the FE-X (Frontend experience chapter) at Wizeline, where he promotes knowledge sharing across the company.

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