Concurrency Patterns in Go & Internals of Go’s Garbage Collector

About This Program

Concurrency and a Garbage Collector are some of the main features of the Go language.

Whereas Concurrency Patterns help us understand how threads collaborate to solve a task and optimize resource usage, a Garbage Collector helps us identify the allocations that could help or hinder our code.

By understanding their functionality, we can make better decisions and improve our code.

During 90 min webinar people will be able to improve their code and make better decisions when dealing with concurrency and application performance. They will learn how Wizeliners are applying these concepts in their projects.

Who should take this course?

Software Engineers


Andrea Gómez

Site Reliability Engineer

Andrea is a Site Reliability Engineer who studied at UNAM. She worked for five years as a Software Engineer, where she used Go as her main language for two years before she switched positions to Site Reliability Engineering.
She's an avid Open Source Software developer and has made relevant contributions to Linux, Go, and Arch Linux.
Andrea likes to learn new things, share knowledge, and work in teams.
She is currently working on creating AWS infrastructure with Terraform and writing tooling in Go.

Iván Galaviz

Software Engineer

Iván is a Software Engineer with a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science from Universidad de Guadalajara with two years of professional experience. He has completed two summer research internships at UNAM and IPN, respectively.
Iván is a self-taught person passionate about sharing his findings with his peers and community. He is currently working on an authentication/authorization flow, based on microservices with Go, and several side projects related to data science.

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