Getting Started with Laravel 8 Workshop

About This Program

Laravel has been garnering a big following in recent years because of its ease of use, powerful libraries, and optimization-focused architecture.

In this webinar, you will develop a simple API-consuming application to learn the basic features that make Laravel the preferred tool of many. With this knowledge, PHP developers can look forward to studying the framework in-depth to build applications faster with scaling possibilities and modular infrastructure.


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Who should take this course?

PHP Developers



Jakob Renpening

Software Engineer

Jakob is a Software Engineer at Wizeline. He’s a self-taught programmer who started building simple static sites and now works on backend and frontend projects. He runs an online real-estate site and freelanced, remotely, developing websites for clients in Mexico and the US.

Currently, he’s working on an exciting cryptocurrencies project where he enjoys learning about different blockchain technologies and cryptographic practices. Jakob has a Marketing Bachelor's degree from Tec de Monterrey and studied for his Master’s Degree in Graphic Design and Communication in Barcelona.

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