Inclusive Design and Accessibility Webinar

About This Program

Do you want to learn about the importance of designing for a large spectrum of people and the key principles and guidelines to design solutions that benefit everyone? Consider this workshop as a good starting point for a meaningful change!

Who should take this course?

This class is geared towards anybody looking to improve digital experiences with an inclusion perspective in mind.


Cristina Vázquez

Senior UX Designer

Cristina is a Senior UX Designer with a Bachelor's degree in Design from ITESO. She worked for several years in the branding and editorial industries until her career switched paths, thanks to her interest in applying a human-centered design approach to digital solutions.
Cristina has been driving design strategies for a very diverse set of clients at Wizeline, from non-profit organizations to media, education, fintech, and web security enterprises.

Andrea Cuella (Andy)

Lead UX Designer

Andrea studied industrial design at Zaragoza University in Spain. Since then, she has specialized in helping customers find improvement opportunities that align with their business goals and their customers’ needs.

Along with her experience in retail and logistics, she has worked on projects in which the problem space surpassed the digital product, extending to ecosystems composed of multiple processes, people, and touchpoints. This is how she got into service design. Today, she focuses on mapping and enabling interactions among elements and users, providing an overview of the entire service experience in order to level it up and make it good for the business, customers, and community.

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