Introduction to Kubernetes Workshop

About This Program

Join us and learn what is Kubernetes and how you can benefit from it!

Today, more and more applications are migrating to a containerized environment and Kubernetes is the most popular container orchestration tool.

In this course, you will be introduced to Kubernetes to understand what it is and what are its basic components so that you can start making the best use of it. You will get a strong foundation, guided by experienced Wizeline engineers so that you can delve into advanced concepts in the future.

Who should take this course?

Software Engineers, DevOps/SRE Engineers, and IT managers who want to get a strong introduction to Kubernetes are welcome.

Basic knowledge of Docker containers and feeling comfortable with the Linux command-line interface is recommended.


Oscar Sosa

Site Reliability Engineer

Oscar has 18+ years of experience in the IT field. He has experience as a Sysadmin, a programmer, a DBA, a middleware engineer, and now DevOps. He is passionate about new technologies, always looking for ways to challenge himself by having to learn something new or apply his knowledge in different ways.

Salvador Cruz

Cloud Operations Engineer

Salvador has experience with Data Engineering and DevOps. What he loves about his job is automating as much as possible, and also likes participating in projects related with Big Data. A great challenge for him has been to combine these two skills and put in practice DataOps.

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