iOS Deep Understanding of Libraries and Frameworks

About This Program

As iOS developers, we have all worked with frameworks and/or libraries at some point. If you've used CocoaPods, Carthage, or any other dependency manager before, then you've most likely been in contact with them, maybe without even knowing it.

But, we won't talk about CocoaPods or Carthage. In this course, we delve deeper into frameworks and libraries, especially how they are linked with your app and the different types and methods of packaging binaries in iOS. We also offer some tips for your projects which will lead to optimization improvements.


About the training model:

The course is completely online, with slides that support the theoretical knowledge, along with live coding to illustrate each one of the different topics. The code repository and some cheat-sheets will be made available to the students. At the end of the course, students will be able to understand how binaries are linked, the different types that exist and how to use them properly.

Who should take this course?

Prior to starting the course, students should have:

  • iOS development experience
  • Basic knowledge of compilers and linkers
  • Familiarity with Clang 


Luis Gómez

Luis Gómez

iOS Software Engineer

Luis got his bachelor's degree from Faculty of Engineering (UNAM), where he worked developing algorithms for UAVs in Python. Since then, he has been extremely interested in software development and has worked as an iOS developer for the last four years.
As part of his experience, Luis has worked on streaming, banking, and delivery applications. Most recently, he helped a leading Latam retailer reduce the size of its app by making compiler changes and modifying the internal frameworks.

Luis enjoys working with low-level features and creating tools to enhance the work of other developers. In his spare time, he loves to design and create physical devices or gadgets.

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