iOS Testing Bootcamp

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iOS Testing Bootcamp

About this course

iOS testing is as important as development itself. Taking the time to perform testing means increasing the value of what is developed. We boost quality by testing, allowing us to detect potential errors and issues that need to be addressed.

We’ll explore different testing artifacts while building an iOS app and applying the theory directly.


  • About the Training Model

This four-week Bootcamp combines live workshops, self-paced learning, on-demand mentorship, and hands-on practice. Our team of experts in the matter has prepared and curated a learning experience for you.

*This workshop will be held in Spanish.


  • What Does the Program Involve?

This is a mini Bootcamp program with four main components:

    1. Self-study learning path: Our SWE team has curated a learning path to complement each workshop session. Completing the corresponding learning path in advance of each session will ensure your success in this course.
    2. Live, hands-on work sessions: Our Wizeline experts will lead you in two hands-on workshops that will give you a chance to apply your knowledge practically.
    3. Mentoring: You will be paired with a mentor who will guide you through the Bootcamp via group sessions and deliverable feedback.
    4. Capstone project: You will ultimately apply everything you learn throughout the workshop to a final capstone project.
  • Selection Process

You have until May 26, 2022, to register. You will have two days to complete an English assessment and a Mobile Development Skills evaluation following registration.

No later than May 28, we will notify all registrants about their Bootcamp application/acceptance status.

Who should take this course?

This course is designed for Mobile Engineers with the following base of experience and knowledge:

  • Engineering levels: L2, L3, L4, L5
  • Prerequisite skills: 
    • Swift (intermediate) 
    • IOS (intermediate) 


Abner Castro Aguilar

Mobile iOS Engineer

Abner has over five years of experience in iOS development, primarily in product design at UI and code level. He has experience with one-to-one work, such as pair programming designed to help teammates grow.

Abner is passionate about developing iOS apps from scratch, maintaining them, fixing issues, and discussing the best design for every feature in an amazing iOS app. His career has been centered around product/design solutions and working with UX/UI teams to achieve them.

Jorge Benavides Ojinaga

Mobile iOS Engineer

Jorge is currently a software engineer and iOS developer with a full-stack background. He has dabbled with servers and loves to improve smartphone experiences. When he is not coding, he likes to brew some coffee, walk with their dogs, and play video games with his best friend.

Omar Bacilio Naranjo

Mobile iOS Engineer

Omar has over eight years of experience in software development, primarily in the finance, advertisement, and transportation industries. He specializes in mobile development. He is most passionate about using mobile technology to improve users’ lives, learning the latest technologies, and sharing his knowledge and experience. In his career, he focuses on developing solutions using the iOS ecosystem.


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iOS Testing Bootcamp

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  • Date

    35EFBD68-9671-472B-ACA4-C711F1FCA6EF@1.00x May, 30 2022 - Jun, 24 2022
  • Format

    10A33695-1552-42E6-8A82-9FA2DBA33069@1.00x Bootcamp
  • Time

    704CD05F-1FB0-453F-9FC0-4A18ED9D83A8@1.00x 04:00 - 06:00 PM / CDT
  • Capacity

    90D99D6D-B1BE-410C-829C-E41150A8838F@1.00x 30
  • Language

    FF069FD8-9C04-4BC8-A70B-E94D739ACCAB@1.00x English

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