Kotlin Meetup

About This Program

We are back! We want Guadalajara to talk more about Kotlin. Let's get going!

Next Wednesday, March 1, we will have a face-to-face meetup to revive our community and to speak and learn together about this language that we love so much.


This month's talks:

Kotlin Delegates: Reducing Boilerplate Code

Since the first versions, Kotlin has provided an easy way to include functionality without creating a complete implementation. This is through the beautiful delegates, which make the code more readable and dynamic! During this talk, we will clarify many doubts and better understand how to use delegates or create our own.

Cecy Davila
Android Engineer, Wizeline


Why Do We Use "Inner" in Kotlin Nested Classes?

Kotlin has many ways to organize our code. We can do functions, we can do asynchronous code, and we can do OOP. We can also mix these styles, but a curious detail is how Kotlin accommodates the classes if we need nested functionalities. We will discuss the implications of using an inner class and in which cases it is best applied.

Armando Ruiz
Android Engineer, Wizeline



Things React, and What I Miss When Using Kotlin

It is undeniable that React is the jQuery of 2010 - 2020s, that React has dominated the web world, and that it has left its mark in many places. For precisely these reasons, we will review what is terrific about Kotlin or not, and we will try to see how replicable they are.

Sora Toski
Android Engineer, KUG GDL

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