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* Thank you to all of those who applied. The registration period is now closed as of 14/08/23.


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As a part of Wizeline Academy's new Generative AI program, the LangChain Essentials sprint is an immersive and comprehensive course designed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to create cutting-edge generative AI applications using the powerful LangChain framework.


Training Model

The sprint education model is a focused and intensive learning approach designed to help individuals acquire specific skills and knowledge within a short period, drawing inspiration from the concept of a sprint in agile project management, where a team works intensively on a project for a fixed duration to achieve specific goals.

This sprint is two weeks long and consists of lectures, workshops, mentoring sessions, and hands-on project work. Participating in this program will require 6 hours for scheduled classes and 6+ flexible hours for project work.


Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this sprint, participants will possess a comprehensive understanding of generative AI principles, hands-on experience with the LangChain framework, and a functioning generative AI application to add to their portfolio.

Whether participants aspire to create engaging chatbots, generate realistic text, or pioneer advancements in natural language processing, this program will empower them to turn their ideas into reality and explore the world of AI.

Who should take this course?

This sprint is designed for JavaScript developers, but is open to Python developers as well.

In order to participate, a solid foundation in either Python or JavaScript is required.


Registration and Selection Process

Upon registering here, you will receive an email with instructions to complete two assessments:

  1. Coding Assessment: to ensure competency in Python or JavaScript, verify knowledge of basic constructs, and ability to make basic API calls.
  2. English Assessment: to ensure comprehension and proficiency in the language in which this program will be taught.

These two assessments must be completed by Friday, August 11th to be considered for the program.

During the week of August 14th - 18th, you will receive an additional email notifying you whether you have been selected to be part of the sprint.


Python or JavaScript

Python or JavaScript

English Proficiency

English Proficiency

Zoom Installed

Zoom Installed


Santiago Morillo Segovia

Software Engineer, Wizeline

Experienced software developer with 5+ years in backend development. His preferred skills are Python, JavaScript, and AWS. Really loves serverless solutions and driving automation for efficiency. Passionate about everything that goes around data and AI. He’s worked in e-commerce, renewable energy, and more, delivering innovative solutions and tangible business outcomes.


Aug 21
Welcome to the program.
Aug 22
Prompt Engineering & LangChain Essentials
Aug 24
Building Your Own ChatGPT
Aug 29
AI Architectures & AI for production
Aug 31
Retrieval Augmented Generation
Sep 04
Demo presentations and wrap up.

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