Next.Js: Supercharge Web Performance

About This Program

Wizeline Academy's in partnership with Coderschool to talk about why people are using Next.js for the next generation of React development.

Next.js is a next-generation front-end web development framework.  Next.js takes React to the next level, with key features like code splitting, optional server-side rendering, SEO enhancement, and more.

Learn why people are using Next.js as the next stage of React development, what it does and how it works. Understanding Next.js will take your react and general web development skills to the next level.


Charles Lee

Co-founder of CoderSchool

Charles got his B.A. in Computer Science at the University of California, Berkeley. He originally planned on getting an M.S. and possibly a Ph.D. studying programming language design and compilers. Still, he decided to spend a few years in industry first - and then never went back to academia … that is, until he started teaching at a Coding School.
Today Charles wears many hats at CoderSchool, ranging from managerial to janitorial. Still, his favorite is an educator who gets to investigate new technologies, with bonus points if he can use them in real life.

Alejandro Trejo Huerta

Senior Software Engineer at Wizeline

Alejandro got his B.S in Computer Engineering at University of Guadalajara. Since then, he has been working as a Software Engineer and participated in multiple hackathons, increasing his passion for problem-solving, front-end engineering, and development productivity.
As part of his experience, Alejandro worked in a transportation startup as a full-stack developer. At Wizeline, he focuses on the front end and enjoys working on different kinds of projects. Alex is now a Senior Software Engineer at the Wizeline Vietnam office.

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