Ruby on Rails – Authentication

About This Program

In this course, students get a chance to try Ruby on Rails with an example – a functional authentication workflow using Okta as a provider. After building the full app, they learn how to deploy it into the cloud.

The OAuth authentication protocol is widely used in the software development industry. While OAuth relies on authentication and authorization, it does neither. It tries to provide rights over assets to a confirmed identity.

This webinar detangles all of these terms and concepts while demonstrating how to create and deploy a Ruby on Rails app.

About the training model:

The on-demand webinar uses slides to support theory and live code to illustrate the different topics. The webinar includes Q&A section at the end of the session. At the end of the webinar, students will be able to:

  • Provide a comprehensive lecture on OAuth delegation protocol
  • Demonstrate an authentication flow with Okta
  • Provide a sample Ruby on Rails app to demonstrate Okta auth workflow
  • Deploy the resulting artifacts into the Cloud, by an automated process

Who should take this course?

Prior to starting the course, students should have:

  • Basic idea of OAuth
  • May have been involved in a project using OAuth
  • Tried some Ruby on Rails tutorials


Germán Domínguez

Solutions Consultant

Germán is currently a solutions architect at Wizeline. He has over 25 years of professional and consulting experience. His past includes 10 years at IBM Mexico working as a technical seller. In his final 18 months of tenure, Germán became the ambassador of IBM Cloud. He supported startups, universities, and enterprises in their adoption of IBM cloud technologies.

Germán is a seasoned professor with more than five years of teaching experience. He has been lead teacher for several IronHack bootcamps, including "FullStack Development" and "Data & Analytics.” At UNAM's MedSchool, he has been teaching "BioMedical Informatics" for three years now.

Germán is very passionate about technology and sciences. He considers himself addicted to solving problems, tackling technological challenges, and learning new skills.

Mar Sánchez

Mar Sánchez

Site Reliability Engineer

Mar is a software developer with seven years of experience. She has experience developing REST APIs with Python and implementing CI/CD pipelines with tools like Jenkins and GitLab CI. Over the last year, she has been learning cloud computing. She also has experience teaching.

During her free time, she enjoys learning new stuff like embroidery, sewing, collage, and other arts and crafts. She also enjoys hanging out with her doggy and taking care of her plants.

Omar Mádriz

Software Engineer

Omar is a computer systems engineering student and software engineer with a bachelor's degree in public accounting. He has some experience with microservices-based application development and full-stack web development.

Omar is most passionate about learning. He is a very curious guy who is always looking to learn new stuff (tech or non-tech related). Also, he's a fan of solving problems and simplifying tasks. Outside of work, Omar enjoys meeting and talking to new people, watching sports, and watching movies.

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