Stakeholder Interviews Webinar

About This Program

Learn about stakeholder interviews, especially when to push for them to happen. Be taught how to plan and prepare in advance, what to be mindful of while conducting them, and how to work with your findings so you can pinpoint out assumptions to validate, as well as potential business risks right away.


This class is geared towards anybody looking to learn how to engage with new clients, improve their team communication skills, and increase possibilities of success for the project.


Cristina Vázquez

Senior UX Designer

Cristina is a Senior UX Designer with a Bachelor's degree in Design from ITESO. She worked for several years in the branding and editorial industries until her career switched paths, thanks to her interest in applying a human-centered design approach to digital solutions.
Cristina has been driving design strategies for a very diverse set of clients at Wizeline, from non-profit organizations to media, education, fintech, and web security enterprises.

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