How to Build a Culture of Quality in Your Organization

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How to Build a Culture of Quality in Your Organization

About this course

Join Wizeline Academy and Arylee McSweaney, Director of Engineering at Etsy, as we explore quality culture. 

This hybrid tech talk will illustrate the various aspects that are key to building a lasting culture of quality within your organization. It will cover crucial elements for creating a QA strategy, achieving buy-in, cultivating a narrative of quality, inspiring others, measuring impact, and, of course, passing the torch to keep the momentum going.


This talk will be hybrid; it will be held at the Wizeline Guadalajara office, and we will transmit the talk via Zoom. Participants can join the event in person at the office, or virtually. You will be asked to confirm your choice upon registration.


Who should take this course?

This tech talk is targeted at Engineering Managers and Quality Assurance Software Engineers, but is open to all.


Arylee McSweaney

Director of Engineering, Frontend Enablement at Etsy

Arylee McSweaney has an MBA in information systems from Baruch College. She is an experienced engineering leader with expertise in leading software quality teams and transforming QA strategies for optimal impact. Arylee believes that software and technology change lives. For this reason, she is passionate about servant leadership and mentoring others on their leadership journeys.




Zoom (for those attending online)

Zoom (for those attending online)

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How to Build a Culture of Quality in Your Organization

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    B093C645-15F8-40CD-BEC3-D1EC29D275B4@1.00x Guadalajara
  • Date

    35EFBD68-9671-472B-ACA4-C711F1FCA6EF@1.00x Jul, 12 2022
  • Format

    10A33695-1552-42E6-8A82-9FA2DBA33069@1.00x Webinar
  • Time

    704CD05F-1FB0-453F-9FC0-4A18ED9D83A8@1.00x 05:00 - 06:30 PM / -05:00
  • Capacity

    90D99D6D-B1BE-410C-829C-E41150A8838F@1.00x 150
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