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About This Program

The world of data has become essential in recent years in the IT Industry. Being a data engineer will allow you to belong in one of the most highly demanded and attractive IT disciplines, which can give you many opportunities in the labor market. If you are interested in the data world, this is a space for you to come and hear about some data experts’ experiences. They will share tips and tricks on getting into this world and tell you how they live this at Wizeline!


This space aims to have an enjoyable conversation with the participants, create a sense of community, and share what we live in the data world.

Who should take this course?

This conversation is for you if you are an engineer interested in learning more about the Data world and located in Bogota.


As spots are limited, we will welcome registered candidates as they come and start a waitlist once our 30 sites have been filled. We will contact you no later than November 28 to notify you about your application/acceptance status.

Registration closed

We appreciate your interest. Unfortunately, registration is closed for this event. If you’d like to be added to our waiting list, please fill in the Wizeline Academy Waiting List


Haydé Martínez

Data Tech Program Lead

Hayde is the Data Technology Program Lead at Wizeline, where she leads a team of 100+ data engineers, data scientists, and data analysts. She has 12+ years of experience in the tech industry, with more than seven years focused on Data and Machine Learning. Before joining Wizeline, Hayde worked as a data engineer at technology companies such as HP, Intel, and Brightcove. She is the founder of "De Cero a Ciencia de Datos," an education initiative that aims to increase the number of engineering professionals focused on Data Science in Mexico. She regularly provides training and participates in different tech talks, as one of her goals is to ensure Data Science reaches every corner of the world. She advocates for inclusion in the tech industry and firmly believes a better world can be created through technology. She is pursuing a Master's in Data Science and has a graduate degree in Artificial Intelligence from the Kanazawa Institute of Technology in Japan.

John Sánchez

Staff Data Engineer

John enormously enjoys tutoring and advising all those rookies curious about the tech world, especially Data, in their journey of professional and personal growth, offering them a broad view of the area given his more than 13 years of experience in technology, 9 of them dedicated explicitly to Data going through different roles from the technical side to leadership and team management positions, working in various industries (Retail, Health, Fintech, Consulting, Government) of different sizes and with a variety of technologies involved both Cloud (Azure, GCP, AWS) as On-Premise.

Sara Chamseddine

Data Engineer

Sara is a Systems Engineer focused on Data Analytics, Data Engineering, BI, Big Data, and Data Science with three years of experience in the private and public sectors. She has excellent analysis capacity, leadership, teamwork, and fast learning. She is currently studying for a Master's in Data Science and Business Analytics and has the Microsoft "Power BI Data Analyst Associate" certification. Sara has worked with Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform cloud providers, developing ETLs and creating data warehouses, cubes, and Power BI reports, being Python as her primary programming language. Her experience includes open data, data governance, data quality, data integration, and data visualization projects.

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