The Future of QA Automation: Microsoft Playwright

About This Program

Playwright is Microsoft’s brand new automation solution that can either be used as part of the Playwright Test runner or as a Playwright Library.

Its robust and future-proof architecture frees Playwright of the typical test runner limitations and allows it to provide fast, reliable, and resilient tests across many web browsers and programming languages. This, combined with its powerful tools, makes Playwright a heavy contender for the test automation crown.

Key Concepts:

  • Playwright Features Overview
  • Front-end automation with Playwright Test
  • API automation with Playwright Test
  • Playwright tools

Who should take this course?

QA engineers with previous automation experience or who are currently using other automation tools for their projects.


Luis Galaz

Software Quality Assurance Engineer

Luis has eight years of experience in QA and three years of experience coordinating teams as a QA manager. He’s very passionate about technology, quality, and people. Luis has participated as a lecturer in QA Automation Certification programs as well as QA Automation Bootcamps for Wizeline Academy. He is also a Community Champion and actively leads technical interviews at Wizeline.

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