Women in Leadership Program

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Women in Leadership Program

About this course

This free program is intended to create a safe environment where women in the tech industry can develop their skills, recognize their strengths, and unlock their true potential. The topics presented in the program are intended to help you overcome gender barriers and grow as a leader within your career and organization.

During this program, you will receive mentorship from women in leadership at Wizeline.


You’ll walk away with a set of tools and a network of like-minded female peers striving to gender balance.

  • Your own personal development plan, based on key themes of self-acceptance, self-management, and self-development.
  • Tools, frameworks, and practices to help you navigate workplace challenges and to further your ability to lead, negotiate, and influence with impact.
  • A self-reflective understanding and acceptance of your unique style and strengths.
  • A network of women in technology

Who should take this course?

This program is for you if:

  • You want to break through the glass ceiling.
  • Want to gain confidence in your unique abilities.
  • You want to develop your self-leader to navigate the challenges women face at different stages of their career.
  • Leading Self:

    • I Am Remarkable

    • Mindfulness

    • Personal Branding

  • Leading Others:

    • Executive Communication with customers and stakeholders

    • Having Challenging Conversations

    • Listen to Influence

    • Building Trust and How to Create a Team

    • Mobilizing your organization towards goals and objectives

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Women in Leadership Program

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    175C9079-78B0-4BEA-8BEC-54DFBC4CD8CB@1.00x Leadership
  • Location

    B093C645-15F8-40CD-BEC3-D1EC29D275B4@1.00x Online
  • Date

    35EFBD68-9671-472B-ACA4-C711F1FCA6EF@1.00x Oct, 20 2020 - Nov, 12 2020
  • Format

    10A33695-1552-42E6-8A82-9FA2DBA33069@1.00x Workshop
  • Time

    704CD05F-1FB0-453F-9FC0-4A18ED9D83A8@1.00x 06:00 - 07:30 PM / CDT
  • Capacity

    90D99D6D-B1BE-410C-829C-E41150A8838F@1.00x 40
  • Language

    FF069FD8-9C04-4BC8-A70B-E94D739ACCAB@1.00x Spanish

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