Working with Virtual Machines: Tips from an SRE

About This Program

Applications hosted in virtual machines may fail over time due to factors related to various machine characteristics, such as CPU, RAM, or bugs in the code, among others. Being prepared for failover in a production environment is crucial for any engineer to provide high availability and scalability for their customers.

This talk focuses on tips and tricks for monitoring, debugging, and troubleshooting applications deployed in virtual machines. We cover some different scenarios and edge cases, exploring what to do according to best practices when an application suffers some kind of degradation or fails unexpectedly.

Who should take this course?

This free webinar is open to anyone, but will focus on the field of site reliability engineering.


Edwin Moedano Cardiel

SRE & Cloud Operations Manager at Wizeline

Edwin got his MSc in Computer Science from the Computing Research Center at IPN. Since then, he’s been involved in various research roles with a focus on modernization, characterization of information products, high availability and scalability for modern web applications, mentoring, and public speaking.

Prior to joining Wizeline, Edwin worked as head of R&D and engineering for companies concentrating on areas like back-end and front-end development, user experience, DevOps, automation, and high scalability of products.

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