Portfolio Lab

Are you exploring your next job opportunity and are uncertain of your portfolio? Are you still struggling to build your portfolio and feel lost in the way? 

Join us for our next Portfolio Lab, a webinar where we will show you how to apply best practices for building UX and UI portfolios with real examples.

At the end of the Lab, you will be able to identify which best practices are best suited for you to apply in your portfolio and how to do it.

Would you like to receive a personalized review of your portfolio?

As part of this Lab, we will be offering personalized portfolio reviews.  You can apply to receive two individual portfolio review sessions with one of our experienced Designers. At the end, your portfolio can be one of those we showcase in the Portfolio Lab. If this grabs your interest, get your portfolio and read on… 


How to apply for a personalized portfolio review?

  • Send your portfolio through this link before June 29.


  • Participation is limited for the first 10 portfolios.
  • Participants will be notified by email.
  • If your portfolio arrives after the 10 portfolios cut, you’ll still be able to attend to the Portfolio Lab webinar session.


How will it work?

  • The portfolios will be reviewed by Designers of our team.
  • The participants will attend to a mentorship session, where they’ll receive feedback and actionable advice on how to improve it.
  • There will be opportunity for participants to apply the feedback and follow up with the mentors in a second session to ask questions and share learnings.


What if I don’t have a portfolio?

It is never too late to get it done!  In our YouTube webinar series, Nail that UX Job, you’ll get clear instructions to design an outstanding portfolio. If by the deadline it is still not looking exactly as you imagined it, send it anyways, as long as you’ve placed some case studies that talk about your abilities or experience and you feel you could use some review.



  • For attendees to the webinar: Any type of device with Zoom installed, preferably a tablet or laptop.
  • For Portfolio review participants: Send their portfolio through this survey, before June 29.


Note: this is not a recruiting event, all Wizeline Academy events, courses, workshops, and webinars aim to promote a learning and development culture to help all members of the community to develop their skills and leverage their career opportunities.

July 16, 2020

Course Dates



1 Hour

Course Length

100 students

Total participants




Julio Palomino

Julio Palomino

UX Designer

Julio studied Interactive Design at Universidad Iberoamericana and has a UX Basic Training certification with the Nielsen Norman Group. He has worked in the entertainment, sports, academics, and retailing industries as a product designer, UX designer, illustrator, animator, frontend developer, and other roles.
Since joining the world of UX, he has worked on procuring a place where businesses and customers can meet, and with small, talented teams, carve the path that leads to better instances of life for the people he has the opportunity to impact with his work.

Gisela Margarito

Gisela Margarito

UX Designer

Gisela studied Graphic Design and acquired a Master's Degree in Electronic Business. She has plenty of experience working in the Travel industry as a UX Designer and Product Owner, designing B2B and B2C e-commerce solutions and enterprise software.

At Wizeline she enjoys working with clients of diverse industries, where she can explore different areas of design like research and workshop facilitation. She likes to participate at Academy initiatives where she hopes she can be a positive influence for her community.

Manuel Uribe

Manuel Uribe

UI Designer

Manu studied Graphic Arts at Fidel Velazquez University in Mexico State. His background allows understanding how to connect graphic elements to a developer's environment. He started work in the print industry, moving on to marketing digital, healthcare, financial & news, e-commerce, and supporting NGOs and startups.

His role in Wizeline as a User Interface Designer is focused on functional and clean design. His main goal is to bring experiences through digital interaction, emphasizing on user., He uses Design Thinking methodologies that help him to achieve desirable, viable, and functional results.


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