What is Wizeline
UX Academy?

Wizeline UX Academy is a 6 week course that will develop select students into UX Designers via an education with a thorough foundation in UX principles and tools. Students will have weekly project deliverables, culminating in the completion of the full product life-cycle for your project. Through these projects, students will learn by doing and apply the skills and tools needed to enable them to build great products.

Wizeline UX Academy Alumni
Wizeline UX Academy Alumni

Each week consists of

Short lectures icon

Short lectures by Wizeline’s leading UX team and other guest lecturers.

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Online resources for in-depth understanding of weekly topics.

Projects icon

Projects to apply the weekly topic learnings and constructive feedback by Wizeline’s UX team.

Wekly 1:1 icon

Weekly 1:1 mentor time with Wizeline’s UX Team and other mentors.

At the end of UX Academy, 3 of the top students will have the opportunity to join the Wizeline UX Team for a full-time UX Designer job in Guadalajara!

The UX Academy Program

The next UX Academy program runs from October 10 - November 18, 2016

More about UX academy

Wizeline's UX Academy consists of evening lectures 3 days a week, every week, for 6 weeks.

All classes are taught onsite at the Wizeline Guadalajara offices and students must attend lectures in person. The classes are small so we can focus individually on each student.

UX Academy students may not miss lectures or project assignment deadlines or they will be disqualified.

Wizeline UX Academy Program Alumni Working
Wizeline UX Academy Program Alumni Writing

UX academy is free, but spots are limited

The Wizeline UX Academy program is unpaid - free for you to attend if you're one of the students selected to attend the classes. Wizeline does not pay you to attend UX Academy.

At the end of the program, Wizeline will make 3 full-time job offers to the top qualified students.

All students who pass the academy will receive a Wizeline UX Academy Certification and placement in our StartupGDL network of UX designers.

Wizeline UX Academy Schedule UX Academy classes are from 7:30-9:30pm on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday - don’t be late!

Week 1 10 Oct to 12 Oct

Introduction to User Experience

Learn about the basics of User Experience Design: principles of user-centered design, empathy, and emotional design; how UX works with cross-functional teams; how the best UX teams collaborate.

Week 2 17 Oct to 19 Oct

User Research Methodologies

UX research methods answer a wide range of questions. To know when to use which user research method, we'll review the basics of discovery, qualitative, and quantitative research, as well as personas.

Week 3 24 Oct to 26 Oct


Using the research findings from previous weeks, sketch your way to great solutions through user journeys and other methods.

Week 4 31 Oct to 2 Nov

Core Design Principles and Wireframing

Combine design theory with your real-world solution to create your first annotated wireframes to present your ideas.

Week 5 7 Nov to 9 Nov

Interaction Design, Validation and Iteration

Test your hypothesis through interactive wires or mocks, then learn to process the feedback into rapid iterations.

Week 6 14 Nov to 16 Nov

Final Project

In your final week at UX Academy, you'll present your new design-thinking skills back to your peers and teachers via your final project.

Wizeline UX Academy Lecturers

Wendy Johansson, Director of Product & UX

Wendy johansson

Director of Product & UX

Wendy leads the product and design teams at Wizeline. With over a decade of Silicon Valley product and UX experience, Wendy has build both B2B and B2C products with international teams. Wendy studied Cognitive Science at the University of California, San Diego.

Christian Silva, Sr. UX Designer

Christian Silva

Sr. UX Designer

Christian has 15+ years experience in design and honed his UX skills building multi-platform experiences for Pac-12 and DirecTV among others at Ooyala before joining Wizeline to lead the UX direction of the product platform.

Rodrigo Partida, UX Designer

Rodrigo Partida

UX Designer

Rodrigo worked as a freelance visual consultant before starting his UX path by receiving a Master of Sciences degree in Human Factors in Information Design at Bentley University. He enjoys doing user research, representing UX solutions and discussing them with peers and clients, as well as offering talks and mentosrhips.

Julian Camacho, UX Designer

Julian Camacho

UX Designer

Julian was a front-end developer before pursuing his love of UX by receiving a Masters in Human-Computer Interaction with Ergonomics at University College of London. He enjoys sketching, prototyping and making sure users get what they really need in the products he helps to build.

Guest lecturers

Wendy Johansson, Director of Product & UX

Che Douglas

Head of Digital Design

Che Douglas is Head of Digital Design at Dow Jones and The Wall Street Journal overseeing a team of visual designers and information architects, focussing on the creation of new digital features and products.

Previously Che was the Founder and Creative Director of a leading branding and digital design agency in Melbourne, Australia.

Who should apply?

Apply to the UX Academy program if you want to start a new career in UX and learn from the top UX team in Mexico! Each UX Academy class is limited to 15 students. Wizeline UX Academy and the available resources will be in English.

Designers icon


Are you a graphic, visual or web designer interested in learning the principles of user experience and expanding your career? Come apply your design skills and learn tto create user-first experiences with Wizeline's UX Academy.

Develpers amp; Product icon

Developers & product/project managers

Always been interested in UI and design, but been stuck implementing projects? Wizeline's UX Academy is a welcoming environment for developers and project managers to learn and apply user-focused principles in creating solutions to customer problems.

New Graduates icon

New Graduates

A new graduates with a relevant design, human computer interaction or computer science degree from a 4 year university? Wizeline's UX Academy is the perfect place to learn real-world UX design skills and apply them to your new career.

What UX Academy graduates are saying

Florian Lissot, Wizeline UX Academy graduate

Florian Lissot

"I learned about parts of user experience journey that I didn’t understand before, so now I really know what mistakes I can avoid and what steps I shouldn’t miss."

Aditi Ruiz, Wizeline UX Academy graduate

Aditi Ruiz

"It was a fun environment and it seemed like we were just learning about UX design and hanging out with friends."

Applications for October 2016 are now closed

Stay tuned for upcoming courses.

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