What is Wizeline AI Academy?

Wizeline AI Academy offers qualified applicants tuition-free coursework on artificial intelligence, machine learning and other advanced software engineering skills and technologies.

AI Academy will offer three course tracks: Intensives, which are multi-week programs designed for those who wish to become subject matter experts, and weekend Crash Courses. Following the completion of any of the courses, students with a background in computer science or engineering will be prepared to take on artificial intelligence development work at technology companies.

Wizeline AI Academy Alumni

Wizeline AI Academy includes…

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Intensive multi-week courses for those who wish to become subject matter experts in AI.

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Weekend crash courses designed to help you kick-start your expertise in AI with small projects.

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Projects to apply the learnings and constructive feedback by Wizeline’s AI team.

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Weekly 1:1 mentor time with Wizeline’s bots, machine learning and data science experts.

Wizeline AI Academy Courses Below are the current AI Academy Courses we are offering - click through to learn more and apply.

Intensive Multi-week course

Data Science 101

Learn how to get data from different sources, assess its quality, and put it in a format suitable for visualisation or consumption by machine learning algorithms. Using analytical and visual methods, you’ll also learn the basics of univariate and multivariate analysis, which will help you generate insights for better decision making.

Intensive Multi-week course

Machine Learning

Get an overview of machine learning applications and common techniques, using third-party implementations to solve real-world problems. A class project accompanies this course in order to give the student hands-on experience with machine learning.

Crash course 2 day weekend course


What is a bot? Why does everyone want one? How do they work? How fast can I build one? Join the hype and get answer to all of these questions in this course. We will teach you how to build your own chatbot from scratch using regular programming languages.

Crash course 2 day weekend course

Natural Language Processing

In our Natural Language Processing crash course, you’ll learn how NLP works, how to model your domain, and the best tools to utilize. During the weekend course, you’ll go hands on in best practices for NLP and implement a NLP solution.

Crash course 2 day weekend course

Intro to Data Science

Learn the day-to-day work of a Data Scientist through a simple but significant weekend project. The topics of Exploratory Data Analysis, Data Wrangling and Machine Learning are also covered in cursory detail.

Who should apply?

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Engineers & Computer Scientists

Machine learning requires a solid foundation in statistics and probability, but it also requires good programming skills. A solid software engineer will find AI Academy an unflinching challenge, but exemplary math skills will take you even further.

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Applied Mathematicians & Statisticians

Having a background in statistics gives you an edge in AI Academy, since it’s a big part of machine learning. However, not everything in machine learning is pure statistics, so you will still learn a lot of interesting things beyond what you already know.

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